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Established in 1998, Phoenix New Media Limited (NYSE: FENG)(“Phoenix New Media”, “PNM”, “ifeng”, or the “Company”), is a leading new media company with an integrated platform consisting of PC Internet media website (, mobile channels (, video channel ( and ifeng News Application.

Guided by our four corporate tenets:" roots in Chinese culture, global perspective, openness to the world, a progressive force ", we provide premium new media contents and services for the mainstream Chinese community on a seamless platform across Internet, mobile and video networks.

Being an Internet distribution channel for Phoenix TV's premium content, PNM also sources its content from various professional media institutions as well as user-generated and in-house produced content. Through the provision of news and information, in-depth report, views and comments, financial tools, interactive applications and community sharing in text, image, audio and visual formats, PNM caters to the diversified and personalized user demands including news browsing, community interacting and sharing, entertainment and wealth management of the mainstream community. In an algorithm-engine era, PNM is still consistent in media spirit, and committed in producing high-quality content. Our innovative video mini-series Never Ended Song ('Wei Yang Ge') and A Journey through Literature are well-received by our audiences and were praised by the People’s Daily.

Our news website has over 1.34 billion daily page views, and 92 million daily unique visitors (UV), covering about 690 million monthly Internet users in China. The monthly active users of and ifeng news app were 300 million. According to a report from iResearch in 2017, PNM is in a leading position among Chinese Internet portals measured by users’ benchmarks such as individual income, family income, education level, percentage of management and professionals, PV/UV and average daily time spent on the website.

Our flagship mobile application ifeng News follows a product diversification strategy while focusing on providing high-quality, tasteful and newsworthy content to high-end personages. According to Analysys’ 2018 report, app sessions per day of ifeng News reaches 4.77 which ranks No.1 among all mobile news applications in China. Average time spent per day is 37.07 minutes, ranking second. Such sticky user base reflects that our high-quality content and our brand are widely recognized. With the development of technology, ifeng News launched certain new products including FENG Live, FENG Video and we-media platform Dafenghao. FENG Live is a well-noted integrated news-oriented live broadcasting platform embedded in ifeng News application. To date, over 200 professional news institutions cooperate with FENG Live, setting up hundreds of live-broadcasting columns. Cooperate with short-video we-media content, FENG Video is a short-video product launched to enrich the content format in our application and optimize short-video content pool. Dafenghao (formally named Fenghuanghao), is a we-media platform which has attracted hundreds of thousands of we-media accounts to date and will further enhance our content provision.

In addition to our online news provision and services, leveraging our well-established brand influence, PNM also organizes a number of offline activities and events in different verticals, which are highly recognized, such as our annual tech summit, sinology seminar, finance summit, and fashion gala etc.

PNM cultivates a corporate culture of caring and takes on its social responsibility proactively. Over the past few years, the company has accumulatively donated millions to charity and has hosted several charity events such as “the alliance of the activists” and “ifeng Forever Happiness” programs. In terms of employee engagement, PNM has been being awarded “the Best Employer” for seven consecutive years in recognition of its best–in–class employee engagement and working environment management.

PNM focuses on four core strengths for advertising sales: intended target audience, insight into content, integrated platform and influential brand - "4i for ROI" to provide highly efficient marketing returns for advertisers and partners.

In an era of broadband and mobile Internet revolution as well as the convergence of traditional and new media, PNM is driving the integrated media content transmission across PC Internet, mobile and TV and the 3G/4G mobile media innovation.

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