Phoenix Satellite TV

Phoenix Education CO. LTD

Established in 2008, Phoenix Education, a subsidiary of Phoenix Satellite TV Group, is dedicated to the development of specialty and professional media & communication education in China. Like Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV, Phoenix Education takes the responsibility for bridging the Chinese media and communication education and that of the whole world. The goal of Phoenix Education is to develop into a "international, professional, career-oriented education provider of high-end products". Meanwhile, Phoenix Education has introduced international advanced educational resources which combined with the local characteristics, and has actively developed the curriculum system to meet with the requirement of the world's advanced level.

So Far, Phoenix Education has five divisions—Phoenix Academy, College Operation Division, International Education Division, Digital Media Division and Phoenix Art Education. In these seven years, Phoenix Education has cooperated with many domestic universities and established four Phoenix Colleges which are Phoenix College of Communication University of China, Phoenix College of Soochow University, Phoenix College of Xihua University and Phoenix College of South China Normal University.