Phoenix TV

Phoenix Hong Kong Channel

Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, a comprehensive 24-hour Cantonese channel, was launched on March 28, 2011.

At present its coverage spans from Hong Kong, Macau to Guangdong. Viewers around the world can also watch programs and find other information of Hong Kong Channel on Phoenix New Media Website.

In line with Phoenix’s high-end positioning, Hong Kong Channel focuses on news, information, finance, medical and cultural programs with international perspective and professional standard. In addition, the channel also provides viewers with entertainment and cultural contents including Cantonese version of Phoenix flagship programs Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix and Premium Spectacular.

Phoenix Hong Kong Channel is based in Hong Kong but with eyes set on the world. In accordance with the spirit of “Conversing with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau while connecting emotionally with Greater China”, it becomes a window through which Mainland Chinese and Chinese around the world can understand Hong Kong.

Bringing together elites from media industry of Hong Kong, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel produces excellent television programs, devotes all its strength to serving the Cantonese-speaking audience in Hong Kong and around the world.