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Phoenix Culture

Phoenix Culture Industrial Development Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Group, was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2012. Phoenix culture based on "culture+" strategy, culture and the integration of science and technology upgrade, for direction, in order to develop into the model, industry incubation fund organization and mechanism guarantee for business partners. Phoenix Culture has formed certain effective strategy of diversifying the business landscape。

1、Phoenix Culture Art Performance: Aims to build China's first-class, famous in Asia, the international top performing arts group, thus forming the integration of content, the theatre management, investment and financing of the integrated platform. Nederlander set up joint venture company with the United States, is the phoenix cultural integration of international top quality resources, strive to achieve the leap development of performing arts. Is known as "American theater dynasty" Nederlander is one of the world's largest live entertainment companies, in the performance of the world's top markets, including Broadway, nearly 30 theatre management and operation, has been successfully performed nearly more than 50 of the best Broadway musical.

2、Phoenix Art: Relying on the order of the phoenix all media channels, to build the world's most influential Chinese art media, promote Chinese art and the international culture communication. Owns: phoenix art media official website, YOUYAN APP, YOUYAN public subscription and phoenix culture bureau, and other products platform, across TV, mobile, Internet and other media. Phoenix art network users at present, traffic all ranks the first professional art media. Organize Years in Chinese and English, Finn cultural year and France art exhibition, quickly set up the industry leading status and influence.

3、Phoenix Fashion Big Data: Core product platform for "Phoenix Fashion Index". As a brand, the commercial complex operations to provide large data analysis and decision service, pioneering multi-dimensional, cross-platform data mining analysis service, to realize the consumer behavior to cover the whole industry, through the consumer behavior for the brand cooperation opportunities.

4、Real Estate services: Phoenix culture has been basically established for urban commercial complex, cultural tourism small town planning and design, consulting, marketing, investment, operations management, financial service integration business model and revenue model, completed Zhenjiang, Yibin, Sanxingdui, Qinghe project of different types.