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Phoenix Entertainment

Phoenix Entertainment is a subsidiary company established by Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings in February 2016 as its new reach to the pan-entertainment segment. PE is headquartered in the landmark architecture of Phoenix International Media Centre, with a construction area of 65,000 m2 and multi-functional facilities including offices, TV studios, etc. As an incubator of creativity and entertainment spirit, PE has set up its Research & Develop teams in Beijing China, Japan and South Korea and its Publishing & Operation team in Shanghai.

Adhering to our corporate philosophy of “Innovative, Top-Quality, International”, taking advantage of Phoenix’s brand value of a premium media platform and audience resources, PE is confident in gathering top-tier game R&D teams and comic & anime creators in China, Japan and South Korea, collaborating with both domestic and oversea publishing platforms, diving deep into the dynamic entertainment eco-system, and establishing our brand new existence in gaming, comic & animation, movie & TV, theatre, and artist brokerage.

Meanwhile, PE is ambitious in shaping a boutique-quality content brand of entertainment industry. We strive in bringing fresh, innovative products to our customers.

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