Phoenix TV


The new Phoenix Center is located in Chaoyang District at the southwest corner of Beijing Chaoyang Park in Beijing has a land area of 18,000 square meters with a total construction area of over 72,000 square meters.

The building's sculptural shape originates from the "Mobius Strip" and establishes a harmony relationship with the turning road alignment, the street corner, and Chaoyang Park.

Besides the media Office, the Broadcasting Studios and the production offices, the building provides abundant open space for the general public to experience and interact,expressing the unique and open operating concept of phoenix media. To create an ecological envelope to embrace independent program spaces within it as a building- in building concept, and many shared public spaces are generated between the two. In the east and west shared spaces, there are continuous steps, landscape platforms, elevated sky walks and long escalators which make the building filled with energetic and dynamic atmosphere!