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Phoenix Finance

Phoenix Finance is a financial investment platform established by Phoenix Satellite Television Group holdings, which is to provide for Chinese investors worldwide. Phoenix Finance connects with different kinds of financial institutions, deeply excavate high quality financial property, provide high quality、multiple financial products and customized professional intelligence service for customers, formulate wealth management projects, which more fit for customers own needs.

Now Phoenix Finance not only provide P2P、funds、insurance、global investment and other products for customers, but also better develop brand advantage, serve for global high net worth customers. The wealth management centers of Phoenix Finance were established in Beijing in October and in Shenzhen in December of 2017 separately. With the wealth management center in Beijing as the core, which serves for high net worth customers in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and Bohai Rim; With the wealth management center in Shenzhen as the core, it more focus on the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, Yangtze River Delta and other economical active areas. These two wealth management centers devote to enhance brand influence of southern, eastern and northern administrative regions, form complementary advantages and areas flection.

Phoenix Finance was formally operated on 2nd December, 2014. Until 31st December, 2017, the accumulated transaction amount of Phoenix Finance was over 61.5 billion yuan, over 5.9 million registered users and helped investors earn 2.9 billion yuan. Phoenix Finance relies on Phoenix Satellite Television, customized the developing strategy of serving for global Chinese investors, it gained the biggest A round financing in industry when it just operated one year, also with the following development, the platform went to a special and safe direction step by step by means of “To Do or Not To Do”concept and the execution of fin-tech and business distribution:

▲March, 2016——became the member of NIFA(National Internet Association of China)

▲January, 2017——international website of Phoenix Finance( was on line, which is to serve for overseas Chinese people

▲February, 2017——Inclusion Business of Phoenix Finance was on line

▲September, 2017——deposit and manage of funds of Phoenix Finance was formally on line, it became a pioneer platform of deposit and manage of funds in industry

▲September, 2017——Feng Ming Intelligent Information of Phoenix Finance was formally published

As the constant stable operation and innovative development of Phoenix Fiance, with the reliance of more and more customers, Phoenix Finance also gains acceptance from industry organizations and media. With 3 years’operation, Phoenix Finance won about 20 enterprise awards, including “the most Valuable Internet Financial

Organization”award, which was awarded by China Business Network in 2015;“Excellent Risk Management Ability”award, which was directed and awarded by The People’s Bank of China Institute of Finance in 2016;“2017 China Financial Technological Newest Enterprise”award, which was awarded by China Enterprise News, also “Annual Excellent Financial Technological Organization”award, which was awarded by Wall Street and “2017 Wealth Management Influential Brand”award, which was awarded by HeXun in 2017.

Phoenix Finance relies on the global resources of Phoenix Satellite Television Group, it will provide wider investment channels for customers in the future. Phoenix Fiance selects global high-class investment property, fully analyses property conditions of customers, customizes investment management project for each customer, realizes to keep value and add value. We devote ourselves to create safe, professional and convenient investment channels for each high net worth customers, provide comprehensive one-stop global financial service.