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Talk with World Leaders


Repeat:MON 02:20-02:45 11:30-12:00 SUN 08:30-08:55 14:00-14:30

Presenter : Fu Xiao Tian

Talk With World Leaders reveals compelling insights into key international figures in the fields of politics, industry, business, science and the arts, giving Chinese audiences a closer look at the world leaders such as Prime Minister of Pakistan, President of Philippines, the European Commissioner for foreign relations, British ambassador to the PRC, Vietnam Chairman and many more.

Major international figures who have appeared in the programme include US Secretary of State, John Kerry, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, former PM of Italy Mario Monti; former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen; Russian President Vladimir Putin; former Thai PM Yingluck and Thaksin Shinawatra; former UK PM Gordon Brown, Tony Blair; former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf; former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan; former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; former Australian PM Kevin Rudd; former president of Israel Shimon Peres and many others.

An important program that focuses on world issues, Talk With World Leaders keeps audiences in touch with current affairs, and the people who shape them.

Phoenix Buster Series : C'est La Vie

First-run : TUE22:00-22:30

Repeat : WED 03:25-04:00 15:30-16:05

C'est La Vie focuses on the margins of society, throwing light on the lives of mostly unknown minorities, such as illegal immigrants, underdogs and drug addicts. The program reveals their unusual experiences and explores their background for answers. It investigates how people end up living in margins and provides a unique insight into their lives in a sensitive manner.

Launched in 2003, the programme is well into its 13th year and has featured more than 700 characters so far.

C'est La Vie touches the hearts of audiences who respond by giving donations to the subjects appearing on the program. Hosted by the unassuming Chen, her charm and down-to-earth style build up a strong bond between the viewers and Phoenix.

In September 2015, three episodes of C'est La Vie received an award each at a ceremony commemorating China’s war of resistance against Japan in WWII. C'est La Vie received the 43rd Chicago International Film Festival in 2007, Silver Hugo Award for Documentary: Arts & Humanities. Special feature “last 79 hours of Chen Jian” garnered the 45th Chicago International Film Festival in 2009, Silver plaque for Documentary: Arts & Humanities. It is the second time for this program to have been awarded in this esteemed TV festival.

Celebrity Face to Face

First-run : SUN 20:30-21:00

Repeat : MON 04:00-04:30 13:35-14:00

Presenter : Olivia Xu

Valued at RMB 160 million, presenter Olivia Xu was rated as one of the “Most Valuable Presenters in China 2008” by World Brand laboratory. She is praised as “pleasant and appealing, a fine lady in the Mandarin-speaking broadcasting world”. Indeed she is!

Celebrity Face to Face has interviewed countless celebrities from diverse fields during the eleven years the program has been running. Illustrious names include the late Mike Wallace; famed scholar Jao Tsung-I, Buddhist master Hsing Yun, magician David Copperfield, world renowned investor George Soros, master tenor Placido Domingo, basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, French actress Sophie Marceau and English footballer David Beckham.

Host Olivia Xu is known for her graceful and discreet personality as well as her refreshing interviewing style.

With her combination of solid journalistic training and a deep cultural disposition resulting from years of experience working as a program hostess, Olivia engages her audience with feminine sensitivity, capturing the subtle nuances of emotion and characters during her interviews on television.

A Date with Lu Yu

First-run : TUE-THU 10:40-11:25

Repeat : TUE-THU 14:00-14:45 WED-FRI 02:25-03:00 SUN 05:00-05:45 MON 04:30-05:15

Presenter : Chen Lu Yu

In April 2014, Chen Lu Yu was honored as “5-Star TV Presenter” at China TV Awards’ 15th Anniversary 5-Star Honors List organized by New Weekly. The programme was named “Talk Show that Most Reflects the Spirit of the Age” at China TV Program Awards 2010 by New Weekly. It was also awarded “Interview Program with Effective Multi-media Promotional Power” at China TV Awards 2008. Valued at RMB 310 million, presenter Chen Lu Yu was rated one of the “Most Valuable Presenters in China 2008” by World Brand Laboratory.

Lu Yu’s questions are quick-witted instead of intrusive. Her hosting style is seasoned, natural and pleasing. Comments remarked that the program delicately and subtly connects the guests and their stories, keeping a superb balance between the desire for peeking into the private lives and a sincere, touching conversation, toeing the fine line of moral and sentiment. Chen is always able to form a comfortable distance between daily living and in-depth probe.

The show has a rich storyline and powerful emotions, full of warmth and smile. It is simply the best portrayal of listening and chatting. For the past eleven years, it has been standing at the forefront of talk shows in China. No wonder Oprah Winfrey has expressed her admiration for Lu Yu.

Lu Yu had an exclusive, highly-praised interview with former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on May 23, 2010, when the largest US delegation came to China for talks.

Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao

First-run : MON-FRI 23:00-23:350

Repeat : TUE-SAT 05:30-06:00 MON-FRI 13:00-13:30

Presenter : Dou Wen Tao

In April 2014, the show was named “5-Star TV Programme” and Dou Wen Tao honored as “5-Star TV Presenter” at China TV Awards’ 15th Anniversary 5-Star Honors List organized by New Weekly.

Valued at RMB 330 million, Dou was rated one of the “Most Valuable Presenters in China 2008” by World Brand Laboratory. He was also named the “Best Talk Show Program Presenter” at the “China TV Program Awards 2006”. Numerous awards over the years have confirmed Dou’s unique status and outstanding achievements.

From news headlines to newsmakers - a smart flip is executed by Wen Tao who puts well-known guests in the spotlight in Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao. The program, so far one of the longest running shows on Phoenix Chinese channel, is highly acclaimed for its laymen style, unpretentious language and angle. Its longevity is built upon its enormous vivacity and vitality. It’s thought-provoking, highly interesting and relevant to our daily lives. The tone of the program is, in short, unadulterated Wen Tao.