Phoenix TV

Phoenix Movies Channel

Phoenix Movies Channel was launched in August 1998 as the first subscription movie channel in mainland China. Since then, it has been entertaining an extensive audience base in the country via satellites ASIASAT 7 and APSTAR 6. A vast array of blockbusters, from drama to comedy, action to family, romance to adventure, star series matinees to midnight thrillers, are delivered straight to the comforts of your home at a press of your TV button.

Subscribers can enjoy the encrypted 24/7 pay TV service to access more than 350 blockbuster films from the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on show each month. With 70% international and 30% Asian films all in original soundtracks with Chinese subtitles, Phoenix Movies Channel is your leading round-the-clock movie-viewing platform.

A special theme assigned to each evening of the week focuses audience’s viewing preferences. The stellar line up at primetime 21:15 Monday through Sunday offers a bonanza of quality movies. They are:

-Action World (Monday)

-Asian Theatre (Tuesday)

-Romance World (Wednesday)

-Wonder World (Thursday)

-Hollywood Theatre (Friday)

-Classics Theatre (Saturday)

-Sunday Premier (Sunday)